Libramont, Belgium: July 28-31th + Demo days August 1-2nd

Austria-Czech-Slovakia-Slovenia-Croatia-Hungary: August 6-12th

Interforst Luzern, Switzerland: August 18-20th

Have & Landskab, Denmark: August 30-September 1st

Silva Joensuu, Finland: September 1-2nd

Maxpo, Hyvinkää, Finland: September 7-9th

Forest Romania, Zizin/Brasov: September 28-30th

And more to be added later when confirmed, events in:
Sweden, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Japan, South America, Netherlands, Latvia

Maamess Estonia April 2017

Latvia & Lithuania - end of April

Ireland - Timber 2017, beginning of May

UK - mid-May launch event

Sweden - Maskin Expo in May & Elmia in June

Italy - May 2017

Spain - AsturForesta, mid-June

France - end of June in Clermont-Ferrand